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Short stay home for Women and Girls - (Aashray)

Admission policy and procedure
1. The scheme focuses on women and girls belonging to the disadvantaged and underprivileged groups.
2. The first series of interviews by the social worker and the primary stage diagnosis of the problem are most vital in deciding the rehabilitation program for the applicant.
3. In case a girl comes for shelter on her own without any reference, intimation about her admission is sent to the nearest police station.
4. A medical checkup of every resident is done within 3 days of her admission.
5. If the resident brings any valuables with her, the details of the same are entered in a register meant for the purpose and undersigned b the Superintendent and the resident. The valuables are kept in safe custody and handed over to the resident when she leaves the institution.
6. The case record of each resident is maintained with proper follow up. When women and girls come to 'Aashray', their social background, cause of distress and the problem of adjustment are studied by the social worker by way of specialized interviews.

Treatment at the home
1. After granting admission to the home, when the interview and diagnosis are completed the woman is given the required services which includes medical care, counseling, occupational therapy, social facilitation in adjustment, educational, vocational, recreational and cultural activities etc. according to individual requirements. Illiterate women are taught to read and write. Basic mathematical skills, facilities available at post offices, banks etc are taught.
2. Festivals like diwali are celebrated.
3. The resident is allowed to meet visitors which include parents/guardians/close relatives.
4. Proper follow up study on discharged residents is done to ensure a smooth re-integration into the society and the family.