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Other Initiatives

Many need based short term activities are undertaken to support main goal of women empowerment. This is a brief glance at initiatives we have taken up so far:
A) Computer training under 'NORAD' scheme
B) Zunka Bhakar Kendra
C) Swimming camp
D) Family counseling centre - "Kutumb Sakhi"
E) Legal counseling centre
F) Panpoi
G) Bal sanskar Kendra
H) Bhajan classes
I) Career guidance
J) Beauty parlor training
K) Catering and Hospitality management
L) Pollution testing centre
M) Blood donation camp
N) Eye checking camp
O) Healthy baby competition
P) Pulse polio, HIV AIDS awareness camp
Q) Exhibition and sale of products made by women entrepreneurs
R) Assistance for women entrepreneurs
S) Self help groups
T) Assistance to poor students for getting scholarships
U) Legal awareness camps
V) Tree plantation
W) Personality development camps

Legal awareness program
Conducted for Pune (Urban) and Pune (Rural) in 2002
In assistance with NIPCCD (National Institute of public cooperation & child development)
There is considerable ignorance of law amongst the people in general and women in particular. It often accounts for a lack of assertion of rights on their part and results in atrocities against women. It is rightfully true that many women including educated ones are unaware of their rights and are thus unable to protect themselves.

The main purpose of legal awareness camps is to make them aware of
i) The different laws made for their protection
ii) Modes of operation
iii)People whom one should approach
iv) The procedures in the Police station
v) Procedures in the court
vi) Cases that can be solved in the Loknyayalay
vii) Other means of savings their marriage or solving their marital problems
viii) Their rights as well as their duties

A compiled report submitted to Govt. of India included
i) Status of women in given districts
ii) Resource directory of help available in given district
iii) Recommendations for corrective actions

Swavalamban - commercial training centre
A commercial training centre, 'Swavalamban' was stated with the aim of making women economically self dependent. It imparts educational, management and business skills as required for the trade. The courses include right from literacy to personality development, spoken English classes along with business training, learning of economic transactions and social practices that are generally followed. The centre makes effort to provide training in various trades and hands on training. Special efforts are made to identify a market for the product. The list of courses available at Swavalamban include
i) Industrial stitching
ii) PVC moulding

The recurring expenses incurred for this training program are solely managed through voluntary donations. Obviously the women are not charged for the same.
'Maharani Laxmibai women's hostel - A home for working women
Economically independent women who have been compelled to live on their own, away from their home due to personal, familial or social reasons have to face enumerable problems. To meet the need of such women 'CMM' has started 'Maharani Laxmibai women's hostel. All the essential provisions along with lodging services are provided at very subsidized rated in this government approved hostel.

NACET - Network Agasinst Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking.
CMM, along with undertaking various social programs, believes in networking with other organizations working towards the same goal. CMM is a thread in the network formed by "Prerana", an organization spreading light in the suffocating shadows of the Red Light area in Mumbai, called NACET.