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Our Team

Friends with similar mandate and women empowered through her support joined Jyoti Pathania willingly in her work. The present team of CMM consists of women with various backgrounds and strengths.

Name Designation Education Occupation
Sandhya Salunke President B.A Business, Social Work
Saleha Mallick V.President S.S.C Business, Social Work
Uma Deshpande Secretary B.Com. Business, Social Work
Sujata Kulkarni Member S.S.C Social Work
Asha Kupade Member B.A Social Work
Reena Saha Member M.B.A Employed, Social Work
Alka Walunj Member B.A Social Work
Kalpana Shah Member B.A Social Work
Surekha Rakibe Member 11th Social Work
Indu Ghanwat Member 10th Social Work
Jyoti Pathania Founder Director B.Sc, LLB. Business, Social Work