'Mere ko haath katna aata hai - tang kaatna nahi ata.. abhi Sir ayenge to unse puchhegi' - if you heard someone saying this, what would you think? Straight out of a horror movie right?

In fact it is straight out of a real life situation - but could easily qualify as stuff that films are made of. I feel that this shot would fit in the latter half of the movie - when the heroine starts fighting back the villian..

I heard this conversation recently at a 'fashion designing class' The women looked so satisfied with their creations. One couldnt guess their age.. they looked quite sleepy, but happy. They proudly showed off their work - stylish summer frocks for little babies and kurtas with complex necklines. On one of the tables I saw a young girl practicing away diligently on a paper design..she must have been barely 10 years old. Another young boy ~12 years was trying to stitch something too. A machine went kaput and was promptly repaired by the supervisor.

Just next to these tables, were chairs in which various beauty treatments were being practiced. Vaidehi ma'm very lovingly guided them "use more cotton - what use is such a small piece?" " You must make the client aware that you are going to apply toner - otherwise they will be irritated with the sudden prickling of their skin' "Never use cream on oily skin - always use gel"... the women listened with rapt attention and followed her instructions carefully. There was a brief squabble about one woman being drunk. Another one carefully wrote out her name on the attendance register - probably the only 5 letters she could write.'