The CMM team is made of empowered women. They are always concerned about women in society; especially those in distress. Women estranged by their husbands and in-laws, women facing moral and physical dangers, women forced to flee their homes - need support in their struggle for survival and justice. The CMM team knew what women miss the most in such conditions: They need a home, a safe shelter from where they can fight back. This idea evolved to be 'AASHRAY', a well-equipped swadhar gruha for women-in-distress. This home provides them with emotional support, legal aid, counseling, medical treatment, and recreation . Read More

'Mere ko haath katna aata hai - tang kaatna nahi ata.. abhi Sir ayenge to unse puchhegi' - if you heard someone saying this, what would you think? Straight out of a horror movie right?

In fact it is straight out of a real life situation - but could easily qualify as stuff that films are made of. I feel that this shot would fit in the latter half of the movie - when the heroine starts fighting back the villian..Read More

Sachin is 3 years old. He lives with his mother. He has no father. The house is small and cozy. His mother plays with him in the day, gives him food. She is really nice. But as the day falls, she puts make-up and gets ready for business. She, then has no time for Sachin. She puts a mat under the bed and forces Sachin to sleep early. If he doesn't sleep, she gives him a medicine. While his eyes close, Sachin looks at her. She calls men from the street to her and negotiates a price. Then the men come to her bed.

There are hundreds of children like Sachin. His mother was forced into prostitution years before he was born. The living conditions are sub-human and children like Sachin either sleep under the bed , shiver on the pavements or roam the streets falling prey to a world of petty crimes.

The story of Sachin in Budhwar Peth, Pune is now different because he has a facility of an evening creche to go to. Chaitanya Mahila Mandal (CMM) took up this mission of protecting the childhood of many like Sachin. CMM opened a night creche for these children in the vicinity of their homes. This was a courageous decision by CMM founder Jyoti Pathania. The local people did not trust her and outsiders considered this a 'dirty area'. But Jyoti Pathania and her colleagues at CMM bravely met the challenge and provided safe childhood to children in this area. Read More

Chaitanya Mahila Mandal gradually grew up in its team and its scope. It took up many initiatives for women by women and of women such as computer training, Zunka Bhakar Kendra, swimming classes, legal counseling centre, Bal Sanskar Kendra, Food Catering business, Exhibition and sale of products and many such activities for all round development of underprivileged women. Read More


Upliftment of society through Women and Children


Alongwith the integral development of women achieving their due status in a secure environment