The night life of any red-light area is filled with traumatizing experiences for the children who are born and grow there. Being victims of the flesh trade, the space within the brothel does not belong to the victim of commercial sexual exploitation, the mothers of these children.

As the peak business hours begin the children have nowhere to go. As the established practice in the organized flesh trade in the brothels, the infants of the VOCSET (victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking) women, who cannot sleep away from the mothers , are often drugged and put to sleep under the very bed that is used by the customers lest they should disturb the customers by seeking their mothers attention.

Others helplessly watch the transaction between the customer and the VOCSET woman, sometimes their own mother. During early business hours the older children are made to run errands for the brothel keepers, the pimps and the customers to bring cigarettes, liquor, cold drinks and condoms. As the customers have a priority claim to sleep with their mothers the children sleep outside. Their agony worsens in the rainy season. Chaitanya Mahila Mandal hence decided to start a Creche-at-night aiming to protect the children from such traumatic experiences which starts at 6.00 pm and closes at 9.00 am.

This night creche provides much needed safe and warm place to play in the evening, study and sleep on a full stomach. The mothers are encouraged to drop their children at the creche early evening. Children are kept clean, given milk and snacks, study, play, watch good films for children, along with educational inputs, and are given dinner. Some go home in the late night while the rest sleep, bathe, and have breakfast before going home in the morning to school according to their age.

Sponsor a child for one year : INR 25,000

Sponsor a child's food for one year : INR 15,000

Sponsor a child's study for one year : INR 25,000

Donors and patrons are requested to continue sponsoring a child throughout his/her childhood i.e. 0 to 16 years.

For details about this project, write to: jyoti.pathania@ .